Powerful medium with a targeting capacity typical. Of the digital ecosystem, which allows you to operate on a specific. Cluster and deliver an online advertising .Message that is relevant to the target audience.
Published on 23 mar 2023.General manager italy & spain of quantcast
Linear tv is evolving and is there for all to see. Connected TV universe

Phenomenon is occurring that could increase

It is called ctv and it is conquering more and more viewers. A strongly growing trend which is also confirmed by the data available: according to the report ” the digital transition of italians “, presented by censis and auditel last december, there are 18.4 million smart tvs found in the .Homes of italians in email list increase Connected TV universe
The popularity of this device can be found in various factors, among which stands out the vast amount of content available to the user who, thanks to the various connected platforms, can access whenever. He wants and at any time a wide range. Of programs to ..Choose from based on your interests. A success, therefore, that does not go unnoticed among advertisers who have the. Opportunity to reach their
In addition

Audiences on this channel too

email list

This medium positively. In fact, the results of a research condu.Cted by ipsos show that 63% of the italians interviewed would be willing. To watch adverts in exchange for free content.
A new scenario is thus emerging for marketers who can no longer SV Lists exclude this medium .From media planning. Given its hybrid nature, however, there are. Some aspects that require particular attention.
Index of topics .Before understanding what .Will be the future developments in the purchasing process, it is necessary to consider .The two types of media buyers who interface with this channel: on the one hand we find those

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