Correct measurement of advertising. Campaigns becomes essential. This is why companies must equip themselves. With new features and technologies tha.T will allow marketers to continue operating in the new scenario, identifying the best strategies to quantify the returns. On media investments and link them to brand objectives
Published on 06 dec 2022
Ilaria zampori*
General manager italy & spain of quantcast
In recent years, the digital advertising landscape. Has been hit by a wave of changes, which in turn have required a change in the skills of. Advertisers and the dynamics of the industry. Today, unlike in the past, there is a need to achieve more.Accurate personalization and relevance of advertising messages, to bypass ad blockers with quality content and, finally, to obtain a more precise 

Measurement of advertising activities 

The next big transformation that the sector will have to face is represented. By the elimination of third-party cookies announced by chrome which will take place in 2024. Precisely in preparation for the cookieless future , new features and technologies are already emerging that. Will allow marketers to continue to operate in the new scenario.
For this transition to occur smoothly, it is essential that professionals asia email list understand the fundamentals necessary to ensure the success of digital campaigns, even if measurement and attribution currently remain a crucial challenge for many.
There is still a gap between what is measured and the metrics that actually deliver value to the business. Additionally, the data used for these evaluations is often outdated and not current, making it difficult .To get an accurate picture of advertising performance.
How, then, should companies measure the effectiveness of their campaigns, especially in light of the .Impending cookie less world that is about to

Transform Conditions once again

imilar numbers should not, however, suggest. A lesser “Affection” for the web. On the contrary, in-depth analysis shows that people. Are adopting a more thoughtful and targeted approach to their online activities, giving greater weight to the .Quality of time spent, rather than quantity.
Reduction in subscriptions to ott platforms, more engagement in outdoor activities and, in general, the desire SV Lists not to “Waste” one’s time online fully justify these data.
What do people do online?
In any case, it is natural to wonder what people do online. Although habits change and many consumer .Attitudes have undergone an evolution in recent times, the search for information (of any kind) still remains the main reason why people surf the net 

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