You can persuade your buyers to buy more products from your store by creating your own vouchers. In addition, the opportunity for your customers to buy more products per transaction also increases.

You can customize your voucher depending on your needs. Vouchers vary in category. There are discounts and coin cashback.

Currently there are two types of vouchers:

Product vouchers – only valid for certain products
Shop vouchers – can be applied to all products in your store
You can also set a limit for your voucher. This means you will decide how many times a person can apply his or her voucher for a transaction.

How to Make Vouchers

Go to Seller Center and Click Marketing Center.

Click Vouchers.

Choose to Create a New Voucher. Decide whether you want to create a product or a shopping voucher.

You will notice that the product voucher cannot be displayed on your shop page. This is due to the fact that product vouchers are designed to be exclusive products that sellers will gradually give away to loyal customers via coupon codes.

On the other hand, you have database the option to make your shop voucher visible on all your pages as well as certain channels such as Shopee Live and Shopee feed. You can also share vouchers with specific people using a code.

After you create a voucher, it will appear on your voucher dashboard.

Your shop voucher that is visible for all pages will then appear on your shop homepage.

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Promote Your Products With Discounts


The My Discount Promotion tool allows you to increase hype for your product over a set time and therefore increase Shopee sales.

Discounts can apply to one product. You also have the option to apply discounts to all products in your online store.

Be sure to set limits for each of your discounts. This way, one buyer won’t be able to pick up your best products before other customers have had a chance to take a look at them.

My Discount Promotion is SGB Directory especially helpful for sellers who want to increase the profit on a single product without having to lower the price. Through the use of these discounts, your prices will remain competitive compared to other sellers.

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