How To Make Collections For The Best Choice Of Stores

Click the green plus button to start adding products. Add at least four products. Note that you can only add up to eight products.

Tick ​​the products you want to add to Top Picks From Shop. If you have a large variety of products, you can find the product you want by product name or product ID. Click Confirm once you’ve selected the products you want to include in the promotion.

A preview of your selected product will appear in the lower-left corner of the window. Enter your collection name and then click Save.

Click Activate this Collection now or Activate later.

You will now be able to see your collection when you open the Top Picks dashboard. If you want to disable the current collection, click on the green toggle. If you click on preview, you will be redirected to a page with all the products you selected and their details.

Outperform your competitors & increase your sales in next 30 days.

Flash sales are deals that appear on the Shopee homepage. Using the flash sale feature allows you to increase your sales as this is the part of Shopee that most shoppers visit when they are looking for discounted items.

Since this is one of the most popular features of Shopee, sellers can garner the most clicks and views. You will also get the following benefits:

How To Get Deal Flash Slots

Go to SG Reseller Solutions . Select phone number list the slot you want to buy. Go through the usual buying process.

Once you have purchased your slot, you can login to your Seller Center account. Click Marketing Center. The Flash Sales feature will appear in your Marketing Tools.

Select Flash Sale and Select the campaign you want to participate in.

Review the campaign terms and conditions. Make sure that you can fulfill what is stated.

You will increase your chances of selling your best product
Attract more visitors and exposure to your online store
Requirements To Make Flash Sales
Start and end times
The price or discount percentage must be within the Accepted Discount Range of the nomination agreement.
Sufficient stock (your stock for flash sales will be deducted from your total product supply)
Products that fall under the category requirements that Shopee selects for flash sales
You can also add product variations. However this is optional.

How to Join Flash Sale
In traditional terms, sellers cannot join a flash sale. This is a Shopee segment reserved for sellers who have achieved the following:

Click Nominate Product when you’re ready

phone number list

Select the products you want to include in the flash sale. Click Confirm once you have decided.

After updating the details, you can save and submit the application. The review process can take up to seven working days. Check the Flash Sale section of your Seller Center from time to time to SGB Directory check the status of your application.

Ensuring Your Nomination Is Successful
Make sure the product you choose is set at the lowest price
One product per timeslot
You must have a minimum of five in stock for the product you choose
Make sure your product cover image has a white background
No pre-orders
Free Shipping
Penalty points must be less than three
Your store needs to have reviews greater than four.

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