Time spent online is decreasing and attention to. The quality of content consumed online is increasing. Tiktok remains the prerogative of the. Young and very young. The ecommerce craze is also spreading to food purchases. Data from the latest we are social report
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This is the era of hyperconnection. And we’re in it. In 2022, the world population has exceeded 8.01 billion , 68% of which ( 5.44 billion individuals) now use a mobile phone. But it doesn’t end there: there are 5.16 billion users who have. An internet connection and 5.16 billion people are present on. Social networks (equal to 64.4% of the world population). These are the numbers that emerge from the digital 2023 – global data report , drawn up by we are social and which.. Depict the

Digital trends of the new year

Index of topics
Digital trend 2023: less time spent online, but more quality
What do people do online?
Digital trend: social media, a second “Home”
The top five social platforms
More adv on tiktok
And ecommerce? Dawn or dusk of online shopping?
Digital trend 2023: less time spent online, but more quality country email list
Although the number of active. Users has seen growth over the last year, the same cannot be said of the time that people spent online, which instead decreased by 20 minutes a day,

stabilizing at around 6 hours minutes in 24 hour period

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In this regard, it is good to consider how the lockdown effect has greatly. Expanded the time gap that internet users spent online during 2020 and 2021, the two-year period in which the peak of the last 10 years was reached, respectively 6.55 and 6.57 hours a day.

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