Now yes, I’m going to come back for a few Stay Competitive weeks and I’m going to do what I think I do best: write about SEO for niches . I have to introduce you to my latest creature… A niche website that aspires to generate a small recurring monthly salary for me Furthermore, it seems to have stable behavior over time. And it has room for SEO improvement = therefore it can make even more money In this post I am going to reveal the URL of the niche and then.

Going to write a post Stay Competitive format based on

This is the Adsense niche that with category email list only 20 URLs makes me money I present it to you: Let’s talk about him. To do this, I am going to write a post format based on question – answer. Why have I chosen this niche? On the one hand, it is a Call To Click niche for Latin American procedures, that is, an old school Call To Click (what a beautiful word, hey. On the other hand, when. I am going to invite you to join a special “waiting list” … which is related to something crazy that we are going to do this Black Friday 2021.

First page for the two best keywords in that niche

I reviewed the SERPS for the main SGB Directory keywords of this niche I found that there were possibilities to enter (now I will show you briefly). Before we get to that, what are the main keywords? Well, in this case there are two keywords, the ones that bring me traffic and money: Dicom and how to know if I am in Dicom I appear on the first page for the two best keywords in that niche. But if we raised them more the niche would make x2 income And how do I know those are the two main keywords? On the one hand, the first (Dicom) is the term or name of the procedure, on which the entire website is articulated.

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