Here the user’s intent lies in actually purchasing the product. Navigational keywords are words that the user relies on when moving from one web page to another or even when searching for something specific.such as searching for specific names of services and products. Transactional keywords are keywords us by the visitor who wants to buy the product or obtain the service.such as the word car games for sale. Keywords according to market or product.

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There are many types of keywords according to the Greece Telegram Data market as follows: Market Segment keywords These words have a relationship with the market.allowing customers to use them to search for information about a specific product.such as searching for winter clothes. Product Defining keywords are product-relat words us for the purpose of searching for a specific product that falls under a specific brand.such as Adidas shoes. Competitor Keywords are the words that are us to improve the site’s appearance in the first search results and to overcome competitors.

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Top keyword sites With the digital development that we live in during this era.many sites have appear that help provide the best semantic phrases so Korea Email List that they can be us we explain the best keyword site as follows: . Google Keyword Planner website It is one of the best sites that provides the largest number of well as the percentage of competition.from the free sites. It is a distinctive planning tool from Google that displays the results of the search engine’s keywords. . Ahrefs Keyword Explorer website One of the best sites specializ in SEO and keyword extraction.

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