Ad choosing them requires skill in finding these words and using them appropriately. Types of keywords Everyone is looking for a keyword site so that it is easy to find the type of words suitable for the advertisement or article that is being creat.but first we learn about the most important types of keywords as follows: . Keywords according to length Keywords are divid bas on word length into several sections.which are as follows: Short-Tail Keywords.

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These words consist of one or two words at most France Telegram Data and are consider among the most search words during the month. The competition rate for them is also famous websites take the lead in these words. Long-Tail Keywords This type contains about three words and its search rate per month is less than short competition for such words is easy. Mid-Tail keywords: This type includes keywords ranging from two to three words.which are more specific than short words.and the search volume for them increases more than long words.

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Keywords according to the researcher’s intention Italy Email List Keyword types vary bas on user intent as follows: Informational keywords: The user searches for this type of word for the purpose of obtaining information about a specific field.such as how to use a specific micine. Here he searches with the intention of collecting new information. Commercial (Commercial intent keywords) Here the user’s search intent is shopping. He searches for the purpose of purchasing a specific product or obtaining a specific service such as purchasing school bags.

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