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About Organic Digital Bourbon Shopping: gamification appli to Marketing There was very limit time to help Bourbon Shopping create a campaign for Children’s Month — and the idea was even more challenging: developing a game! To increase traffic in the mall through the game, the Orgânica team and I enabl items that can only be unlock in person at the mall, interacting with the counters. The campaign was a success and show how Digital Marketing goes beyond capturing leads or publishing on social mia: each action nes a strategy that goes beyond the obvious ! Practical guide.

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How to choose the Best Marketing Strategies for your company M.Pollo: more sales with less cost and negotiation time Imagine having a rain of leads generat by an outdat Digital Marketing strategy, but very few sales because of it. M.Pollo Latest database approach our Digital Marketing agency to find a way to qualify leads in this complicat scenario and analyze each metric in an attempt to decipher what was going wrong in the old strategy.

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When the errors became obvious and Orgânica already had the tools to fix them, mapping out what results M.Pollo ne was the next step. With the flaws illuminat and the objectives list, we built an entirely new Inbound Marketing strategy ! With 40% of investments sav in waste and 45% more deals clos, the men’s fashion company now has an average value of 14% higher in customer spending ! Results with SGB Directory Digital Marketing for M.Pollo Okay or want more?! Tip: Orgânica is an award-winning Inbound.

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