Challenges of Selling on the Marketplace – As a businessman. you will definitely learn about business risks. Yes. learning about these business risks is very important. Especially for business people who run business through platforms that have many competitors. such as marketplaces. Of course. it will be easy for you to butt heads with competitors. You have to really ensure that every element of content marketing can appear attractive in the eyes of customers. You could say that doing business through the marketplace is like doing business in a red ocean. Once again. you really have to make sure that every element of your content marketing looks attractive. starting from the use of images. descriptive text and also CTA (Call to Action). Also read: Here are surefire tips for creating interesting content marketing This is just one of the many challenges that exist when you choose to run a business with a marketplace.

Challenges of Selling on the Marketplace

onfusion in Choosing the Right Marketplace The first is confusion in choosing the right marketplace . The Covid- pandemic situation which has been going on for more than years has indeed had many negative impacts. One of the negative UK Telegram Number Data impacts is that many national and international marketplace companies have gone out of business or are slowly experiencing red flags . For this problem itself. you can hope for the presence of Shopee and also Tokopedia. Ignorant The second is technologically clueless or technologically illiterate. This will be a challenge for you. especially for those who are not familiar with gadgets or internet equipment. You are confused about how to create a shop. what products to upload . many or few. etc. Also Read: List of the Best TikTok Marketing Tools For this problem itself.

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Confused about how to create attractive product images

Third. you are confused about how to create attractive product images. Yes. without attractive product images. your shop will definitely be empty of visitors. Especially if it is not supported by copywriting that sells in the description section. Keep China Telegram Number in mind that the marketplace requires you to always compete with competitors. Its like you are selling shoes. and the shop next to you is also selling shoes. Fourth is not understanding the marketplace workflow. This lack of understanding can be a major disaster. especially when handling incoming orders. Does the seller have to send the product first using a reimbursement system or not? What labels should be attached to product shipping packages? and others.

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