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But if readers search for information about photography and find information about social media on your blog, readers will be disappointed and leave the blog. When Google sees that the reader spends only a few seconds on your blog, it will inevitably start to drop you from the top positions in the search results. Google will be exhausted. Read more: 9 things that indirectly affect your blog’s search engine visibility 3 tips for coming up with a blog name 1.  blog is directly an important search term This has been a popular tactic among bloggers for years. , the search term is easy to define and it quickly increases the number of readers. One such example is 2.

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 Own name With a personal brand, it is easy to build a blog under your own name. When people get to know you, they new database immediately know what you write about. It is also easier to place several subject areas under your own name. 3. Objective The name of the blog can also be a specific goal, as Kathleen and Jarkko go through in their Blog Marketing book. As good examples, they mention the names of the blogs Level up, Presented getter, and Saitavaus edutaskai. 3 tips on how to save the situation if the blog name does not match the content It’s okay if you find that your blog name doesn’t match the content you’re writing. Here are 3 simple tips for you to save the situation. 1. Make a new blog with a new name If your blog has just been established and there is not much content, create a new blog with a new name and move the published blog texts there.  blog so they don’t fight each other on Google. Also read this: 3 easy steps to start blogging 2.

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Change the name of the blog You can always change the name of the blog. But not the blog domain. If your blog’s name is Kieta soppier even in winter and the blog’s domain is with, you can’t just change the domain in the middle of everything. So you practically have to get a new domain and create a new blog. But if the domain is your company name, you can just change the name of the blog itself without having to change the domain. 3. Tell the story of your blog name You can write the story of your blog’s name, for example, on the Information SGB Directory page. While this won’t really help with Google, it will help you make an interesting memory stick in the minds of your readers and customers.

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