One of the most interesting concepts known as Kaizen, comes from Japanese culture.

If translated, Kaizen means “changing for the better”

Many people see this as a productivity strategy, but in my personal opinion, it is more of a philosophy where we continuously improve our approach and system in improving ourselves.

Learning is a process, not a race.

Kaizen philosophy is often used in most factory organizations

Identify. Identify what we want to change and make Latest Mailing Database improvements. Then, draw conclusions about the results you get from your actions.
Test. Run a small test to confirm our conclusions.
Plan. Based on the results we got from the test earlier, make a plan to implement changes.
Execute the Plan. Do our plan and make a difference.
Look Back. Measure results and track what progress we’ve made. Then, take time to reflect.
Repeat. Repeat the process by fixing weaknesses and identifying new problems.
Don’t Expect Perfection
In Kaizen, we do not aim for perfection.

In fact, people who practice kaizen philosophy do not believe in the idea of ​​perfection.

Making that change is difficult.

Try to imagine making a big change with the goal of achieving perfection – it just makes it that much harder.

A better approach is to focus on small progress and, repeat the process.

It is one of the strategies of doing continuous improvement.

It wants to get better over time.

The Kaizen approach reminds that all improvements should be sustained if we want to get consistent results.

Think of the small steps we can take each day that will take us incrementally towards our goals

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Being 1% better every day is a simple and practical SGB Ddirectory way to achieve big goals.

Yes, 1% does seem like a lot.

It’s small. It’s easy. It can be done.

— It’s something we can easily swallow.

And it applies to most things we want to do or achieve.

It reduces fear and is easier to manage.

It may feel less exciting than making big changes, but the results will be stronger and more durable.

Self-improvement is something that has no end. It’s a Lifelong Process
We will never finish.

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