Therefore, If a seller can complete 150 orders from first time buyers in one week, he earns a total of 7,500 PHP from earning his Shopee Suki code. He also gets a separate 7500 PHP as a bonus as a level 5 Shopee Suki seller. Here is a breakdown of the calculation:

[50 PHP x 150 completed orders from first time buyers = 7500 PHP] + 7000 PHP Rewards from Level 5 sales

How Can Seller Get From Shopee Suki

Therefore, Once you have successfully Latest Mailing Database become a Shopee Suki Seller, tap Share Now. Share your code on your social media pages.

First time Shopee buyers will now be able to earn 100 PHP from their initial purchase on the Shopee platform and you will earn a bonus 50 PHP for every new Shopee registrant who buys their first product from you. Rewards for different levels of Suki sellers will also apply.

Why is the maximum earning from the Shopee Suki

Latest Mailing Database

Therefore, Program different from when you open the Shopee Suki page compare to being registere in the rewards system?

The maximum earnings (2,514,500 PHP) announced on the Shopee Suki page of the app refer to the 50 PHP bonus you can get from shoppers who use your code for their purchases. Meanwhile, the 7000 PHP bonus shown in the reward system relates to the bonus that sellers receive from their current Shopee Suki tier.

Now that we’ve gotten to the SGB Directory question, have all you Shopee PH sellers out there tried the Shopee Suki Program? When do you plan to use this new financial opportunity? What positive experiences and challenging moments did you encounter with this program.

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