What is Conversion Digital marketing is a method of marketing products or services through digital devices. Whether it’s using software or using hardware. In it. you will find many important terms. You must learn these terms to increase your understanding in choosing the right digital marketing strategy. One of the many terms you must understand is conversion. Yes you must have heard this word often. Those who fill these 4 role models are not only professionals, but also experts and have high levels of commitment. The amount is not small for a novice businessman. That’s just the issue of fees, not to mention the issue of other employees.

What is Conversion

Conversion is a process where visitors to a website. application or other digital platform turn into customers after taking certain actions that you want. The specific action you want here can mean visitors buying a product. filling out a form or sharing the content with others. This understanding gives us a clear picture that conversions do not Mexico WhatsApp Number List have to be calculated on sales metrics alone. Through Trello, the team can easily mature client content, be it for design text, caption text, and posting schedules. Conversion in digital marketing has a very important role. Its biggest role is to help you as a businessperson to measure the level of effectiveness of previous digital marketing campaigns.

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How to Perform Conversion Analysis

Actually. there are many ways to carry out conversion analysis. You can do it manually. for example using a digital customer book. Record every transaction that occurs in your business excel . So that you can more quickly maximize the free tools provided by Google. namely Google Analytics. Google Analytics itself will be very suitable for those Bolivia WhatsApp Number List of you who choose a web marketing type of marketing channel . Google Analytics is able to analyze the source of website traffic . from which platforms visitors access the website. along with the locations of the most users. In the conversion itself there is a formula that you must know.

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