Anti-Mainstream SEO Tips – SEO is the science of optimizing a website so that it can appear on the first page of search engines using certain keywords . The search engine that is widely used for practical SEO is Google. The main reason is clear. Google is the number search engine in the world. Beating other search engines like Bing. itself has discussed the differences between Google and Bing SEO in the article below. Also Read: Differences between Google and Bing SEO Whether its Google SEO or Bing SEO. both require a mature SEO strategy. Here will focus on discussing SEO strategies on the Google search engine only. Even though Bing is more effective for generating conversions. the amount of traffic you get from Google is clearly more. So to increase your insight into mature SEO strategies . here are anti-mainstream SEO tips from . The SEO tips that shares are rarely known by many people.

Tips SEO Anti Mainstream

Using Video Media The first is to use video media. Yes. it cannot be denied that videos are able to attract more visitor attention. Moreover. with video content. the audience can easily understand the meaning of your content. They dont need a long time Kuwait WhatsApp Number List to read the entire content. just hear and see it. Customer effort will of course be reduced drastically. You can apply these tips by embedding your video link . for example from YouTube. Choosing to embed links will help the website servers performance not become too heavy. You can embed your video link at the end of the article. For example. if you explain how to set up Windows Update Manually. then at the end. you can embed the video link .

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Create Different Informative Content

To be able to create anti- mainstream content that is SEO friendly. you obviously need a different language style. Even though the search Estonia WhatsApp Number List volume of the content to be targeted is small. this could be your strength in developing unique website content points . An example of a website that has successfully implemented this strategy is Through a combination of UGC strategies . they can produce a lot of content on unique topics. Using Uncommon Resources Regarding the third tip. you also have to be able to find sources of information that are not common. You can rely on guides. quizzes. calculators.

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