Easy Ways to Research Keywords – SEO is the science of optimizing websites so they can appear on the first page of Google through targeted keywords . So. getting these keywords is not as easy as you imagine. There are important stages that must be passed first before certain keywords can be optimized/targeted. The important stage that refers to is keyword research. For beginners. doing keyword research is definitely not an easy matter. Most people are happy when their keywords are on Page of Google. In fact. if you examine it more deeply. it turns out that the keywords used do not have sufficient search volume . This is the same as when you have a business website in the home construction sector. but the target keyword you use is Residential Construction Services. Obviously the search volume will not be as much as the search volume for the keyword Home Construction Services. After all. Google users will certainly type the words Home Construction Services more often than Residential Construction Services. Therefore. it is important for you. especially beginners. to know how to do good keyword research. So. to help you get out of this problem. will give you tips on easy ways to research keywords .

Easy Ways to Research Keywords for Beginners

Predetermining the Main Topic The first is to first determine the main topic of your website content . To make it easier. adapt existing content to your business niche . This will help you to save a lot of time. especially regarding content production. After getting a certain topic. focus your keyword research on that topic. For example. if you have a business website for Home Construction Services. then you focus on looking for related keywords such as Italy WhatsApp Number List Best Home Construction Services. Tips for Healthy Home Construction. How to Design a Muslim Home. and others. . Use the Google Keyword Planner tool The second is to use the Google Keyword Planner tool. Google Keyword Planner itself is one of the features that you can get from the Google Ads Dashboard. This feature allows users to find keywords that are relevant to your topic beforehand. Not only that. you can also see the search volume and the level of competition for the keywords you want to target. Oh yes. Google Keyword Planner is free. suitable for beginners in the SEO field.

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Using Google Search References

The third is to use search references from Google. You can see this reference when you type certain keywords in the Google search column . Example in the image above where Google suggests several additional words after the words “person entitled to receive”. The additional words that appear are the result of Googles sophisticated machine Chile WhatsApp Number List learning. Where he understands that the average person who types the words People Who Are Eligible to Receive needs information about zakat and the like. Also Read: How to Use LSI Keywords You can also use other Google search references . via the People Also Ask feature. little tricky. but this method has proven to be effective in reducing keyword research time. You can find out the keywords used by competitors through research tools such as Google Keyword Planner. SEMrush or . It should be noted that it is not a problem to use target keywords from competitors. as long as they are not specific to their brand . and are general in nature.

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