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Plans and identify students who may nee additional help base on their performance and interactions. Add value to your marketing program 3) Walden University: Julian As early as 2018, Walden University had eyes on artificial intelligence as a way to improve its offering to students and trump its peers. However, With this in mind, Walden partner with Google Cloud to develop an online tutor to offer personalize learning and student support, now known as Julian. Steven Tom. Chief Customer Officer at Walden’s parent organization Addle Global EU cation.  I had seen choreograph. There, Scripts tutors earlier that year, but the real challenge was how to drive personalize, dynamic tutoring at scale.

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I wondere, how can we deliver eucation in places where students nee more individualize help? As AI evolve, we starte to believe there was a real opportunity to realize this vision.” Julian offers a 24/7 tutor and allows students to gain knowlege. In their programs to reinforce concepts and identify learning gaps. The technology allows students to see a new set of activities every time  special data they interact with the tool and. It creates notes that can be reference throughout the program. As time passes and technology becomes more advance. Julian will only continue to evolve to meet the personalize needs of students. Khan Academy: Khanmigo The Founder & CEO of Khan Academy believes. That AI can spark the “greatest positive transformation education has ever seen.

This personalize tutoring system uses adaptive learning to give. Students access to an AI-power personal tutor and allows teachers to lean on an AI teaching assistant. Welcome to Khanmigo! The chatbot. Khamis go, offers guidance to students on math. Science, and humanities problems.

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And a writing tutor that helps students create a story. Khanmigo also allows students to chat with a growing list of AI-power historical figures from George Washington  SGB Directory to Martin Luther King Jr. And literary characters like Hamlet. Khanmigo chatbot Khanmigo chatbot. Boost Student Engagement Many educators’ see the potential of using AI for student success primarily for driving engagement. It provides the opportunity to help students learn and new ways to create and consume content. 

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