In the quest for productivity, we research and test all kinds of productivity apps. But it’s very frustrating to realize that you wasted time trying an application that ultimately doesn’t make you more productive. To avoid this, I offer you 13 best productivity applications that are different in both their purpose and their functionality. Access  is a task management tool that allows you to create collaborative boards to have an overall view of your projects. Meistrtask is available in Web and App versions. It’s very intuitive.

You can quickly view pending tasks from the home page and you can configure the board (title and color) as you wish.

It has some very interesting applications like time tracking to calculate the time spent on each task. Another useful function: the possibility TG Number List of building a hierarchical tree between tasks. For example: “Task 2 cannot be started until task 1 is completed.” The mobile applications are available on Apple and Android but also as a Windows and Mac application! The positive points Overview of all project activities Integration of Mindmeister (Mind Mapping tool) The negative points Less suitable for complex projects 2.To Doist To Doist Access ToDoist on Android Access To Doist on iOS To Doist is a simple, yet powerful task manager to help you organize all your goals, projects, commitments and more.

Get organized with complete peace of mind with an app that synchronizes with your devices and follows you everywhere.

The positive points Practical, simple and accessible everywhere Multifunctional task management The negative points Scheduling limited to due date 3. Trello Trello Access Trello on Android Access Trello on iOS Trello is a user-friendly app that SGB Directory you organize your teams and tasks visually. Visualize your next projects, those in progress, deadlines and your completed tasks using cards in different colors in order to make informed decisions. The positive points Simple, visual and attractive organization Integrates multiple productivity apps The negative points Limited accessibility without internet 4. Evernote Evernote Access Evernote on Android Access Evernote on iOS Evernote has revolutionized the art of note-taking. Whether in a meeting, on a web page, an idea or for a reminder.

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