Tips to Increase Instagram Conversions – Instagram marketing is a type of marketing channel that is widely used by business people. Even data from Hootsuite reveals that around .% of business people use Instagram for their branding activities . This marketing technique is believed to be able to give business people more conversions. How come?. Instagram has a lot of statistical data that has a big chance of benefiting business people. Some of these statistical data are; Instagram has more than billion monthly active users. million of them are daily active users. The level of involvement of internet users is relatively high. This can be seen from the data of million photos and videos uploaded per day on Instagram. That number has received more than . billion likes. Instagram is popular among teenagers. and % of business people strongly believe that Instagram is the right medium to target them. The average Instagram user spends around minutes per day opening Instagram. The various data above clearly gives you more insight to further refine your Instagram Marketing strategy . You certainly dont want to lose competitiveness with competitors in the same niche .

Tips to Increase Instagram Conversions

The first is to make your Instagram profile much more impressive. Yes. an impressive Instagram profile will certainly give a good first impression to potential customers. Important note in the bio section. you need to include short. but informative information. Choose characters and words that describe your Instagram account . Instagram itself has many features to support the performance of your account from your bio. You can add several Sweden WhatsApp Number List additional features such as a guide that contains how to order your product or service. or by adding a website link in your bio. Here are some additional tips to make your Instagram profile appear optimal; Use a simple profile photo. Use a username that describes your business. Account name. use your main business keyword . Emphasize these keywords by providing relevant hashtag descriptions. Next. explain what you can do for potential customers. Next again. explain how you work. Finally. provide a CTA (Call to Action) so customers know how they can contact you.

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Collaborate with Influencers

Next is to collaborate with influencers. Yes. collaborating with influencers will certainly make it easier for many people to recognize your brand . Especially if you choose an influencer who has a content niche relevant to your business. Of course. the references he provides will be much more trustworthy. To be able to carry out this strategy well. you Ecuador WhatsApp Number List need to understand good KOL (Key Opinion Leader ) management. Make sure that the influencer really understands the product knowledge you provide. The important key is to pin consistent message. For example. you are a thrifting businessman. and you have the slogan Used Doesnt Mean Not Quality. So. make a content draft for the influencer or if the content idea comes from him.

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