What is Customer Value – A good business is a business that is oriented towards satisfaction. This concept may be one of the many concepts that you should often hear. Especially on business forums. Yes. customers are the main reason why businesses start. continue to run. grow. and even stop. It could be said that are the main axis of business. Therefore. it is important for you. a smart businessman. to pay attention to his business. whether a good base has been created or not. The base itself is a group of groups or clients who are the business targets for sales. There are types of base and one of them is Loyal Customer.

Why is Studying Customer Value Important for Businesspeople

Studying values will certainly make it easier for you to change your customer focus. From focusing on the price they have to pay. they focus on what they will soon get. You will have persuasive ways or techniques to help customers make decisions towards purchasing your product/service. Customer value. another name for Turkey WhatsApp Number List customer value. is the best way for business people to build market relationships in a more positive direction. In the end. you can get a higher percentage of conversion of general into loyal. Churn rate or the percentage of customers who no longer use your product can be reduced to the maximum.

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Factors Affecting Customer Value

There are many factors that influence this customer value. In general. the factors that influence customer value are more or less the same as important factors that can become a Unique Selling Point for a business. Here are the biggest Brazil WhatsApp Number List factors that influence customer value. starting with; Product Value – Products that are quality. safe. can be a solution to certain problems. definitely have more value in the eyes of. Service Values – Polite. friendly. precise and fast are important values that your service team has if you want to make feel at home. Good Image – Ensuring that every layer of your business team maintains the good name of the company is important.

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