Welcome to 2022, new trends in digital marketing

We’ve arrived in 2022! How have we made it here and what trends are popping up? In this article, we’ll present digital marketing ideas that are important this year in business and will continue to have that same importance throughout the year. Over the last few years, the majority of products in our economy have become digital and business models are backing themselves with the use of digital technologies to generate new income and value creation opportunities. In fact, there’s already a word for it. The pandemic has brought us hyper-digitalization. With the use of technology, available options are now within reach of the user.

Users have gained power; it’s much easier for them to “disconnect” and move on to the competition.

Companies have to pay more attention to their marketing and communication actions, focusing more on their clients: Constantly thinking about how to help them, personalizing available messages and actions Telegram Data Incrementally automating all possible processes to resolve the needs and concerns of users quickly and simply Using the largest number of data available to users, like geolocation Creating user generated content Focusing on users means connecting emotionally with them, capturing both their attention and their loyalty. marketing digital new trends What Tool Should We Highlight? The key to creating and executing digital marketing strategy is Customer Data Platforms.

They allow us to manage our clients’ data (storing, integrating, and tagging it), offering a unified vision of the client.

What Methodologies Should We Highlight? Account Based Marketing uses the IP addresses of certain companies or offices to address only them, with content aimed directly at them. Agile Methodologies SGB Directory are also important to mention. These methodologies strengthen the autonomy and responsibility of multidisciplinary reduced groups throughout the entire development cycle of a product or service. They make decisions to integrate the new available information and achieve results. What Should We Expect from Content Marketing in 2022? Data is becoming increasingly involved in our lives; we are looking to consume it on a regular basis. That’s where the term infovore comes from: it’s a person who inhales information and constantly accesses it on digital devices. In order for the data to do something, it has to provide information.

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