Title tags are elements that search engines use to refer to the content of a page. The meta description is a summary of the page that appears along with the title in search results. Be sure to include search keywords that are appropriate for the page content in both, and make the content specific and easy to understand. The specific details of these internal measures are introduced in the article below. Please read this as well, as it can be used as a checklist when actually implementing internal measures.

Execute external measures

External measures are measures that collect backlinks from other sites and increase the chances of being mentioned. It directly or indirectly influences how search engines rate your pages. Please check the specific details below. Get backlinks from outside A backlink is a page on your website that is linked to from another website. This method of collecting backlinks is also called “external link countermeasures.” Search engines also WhatsApp Number List use the number of backlinks as a criterion for determining whether a page is of high quality. However, it is not enough to just increase the number of backlinks blindly. The quality of linked sites is also important.

Google does not publicly state

Google does not publicly state that sharing links on social media will directly lead to search engine rankings. However, there is a good chance that new backlinks SGB Directory will be created due to the spread of SNS. In addition, we can expect considerable indirect effects, such as an increase in the possibility that site and company names will be mentioned on the Internet, and an increase in the number of users conducting named searches. Strictly speaking, this does not fall under external measures, but spreading the information on SNS is a measure that you may want to consider.

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