Business is never static. Keeping an eye on eCommerce trends allows you to keep your brand competitive and accumulate a positive brand image and increase conversion rates. To be more specific, here are some reasons you should pay attention to eCommerce trends:

This will help you stay on top of the competition
You can plan how you want to market and sell the product
This will give you information if you want to launch a new product
You can plan your next steps against perceived challenges for 2021
Looking at eCommerce trends will help you assess where the market tide is headed and therefore improve and align your strategy so that you will see big profits at the end of the year.

Below are 6 eCommerce trends we’re looking at in 2021

One of the biggest eCommerce trends in 2021 is the change in consumer lifestyles and shopping habits caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Demand for online purchases in product categories such as household needs, groceries, health and hygiene has whatsapp mobile number list surged around the world as consumers are wary of in-store shopping. The pandemic has also increased people’s desire for preparedness, simplicity and convenience

ecommerce trend Statistica surveyed online shoppers what they thought would be good reasons to choose online shopping over in-store shopping. Note that participants were asked to double-check anything that applies to their consumer behavior. 63% say they shop online because of direct home delivery, 57% do it because it is more affordable, 54% say it is a more convenient way to shop, and 50% say they shop online because it is available 24/7.

People not only want to shop online in a convenient place

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they also expect brands to have their products delivered quickly. And there are indications that this shift will persist even post-COVID. Based on a consumer survey, of consumers who said they bought from various online brands during the pandemic, there were 60% who predicted they would continue to buy from these brands even after the pandemic recovered.

There is also a small possibility that people’s online shopping habits will remain but not the same during the initial phase SGB Directory of the pandemic. It will depend on the satisfaction of their customers with regards to their online shopping experience.

To stay relevant, brands need to reinvent the traditional shopping experience. Physical stores are advised to operate online through marketplaces such as Shopee and Lazada. They should also improve people’s checkout experience by providing vouchers, coupons, freebies, and fast delivery. Meanwhile, eCommerce sites can integrate one-tap payments for faster transactions. They can also provide instant gratification to consumers through “buy now, pay later” solutions.

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