Simple Instagram Strategy – Instagram is one of the most popular social media in the world. In Indonesia itself. even though is aggressively attacking. Instagram always has a large user base. Obtained from data. the number of Instagram users in Indonesia as of April has reached . million . This number is clearly not small. especially when compared to the number of users. The same source explained that the number of Instagram users is only slightly less. around million users. Itself has million users . Even so. Instagram is still considered effective for increasing business engagement . Especially now that Adam . CEO of Instagram . will commit to making it easier to help accounts from small creators rise to the surface. Obviously this is good news. So. to complete this excitement. as business people we can continue to improve the quality of our Instagram marketing strategy. Lots of variations are needed so that the market audience doesn’t get bored with the content marketing you do on Instagram.

Simple Instagram Strategies

The first is to comment on funny posts or memes. Provide relevant comments on such content. Don’t be shy about telling your jokes . even though at first they will feel dry. An Instagram strategy like this may seem simple. but did you know? Many large accounts are already implementing this strategy. Some of them even have a blue tick. . Use the India WhatsApp Number List Read Caption Technique Next is to use the Read Caption technique. Techniques like this are suitable for use in Reels content. You must have seen certain Reels content where the Call to Action is Check Caption or something similar. Only in the caption section. we can see a clearer description of the content. This technique is used to maximize views on Reels content. Where when the audience is busy reading the captions.

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Reels technique with text given a typing effect

The next simple strategy is to run reels content with text given a typing effect. The text in reels content is not displayed immediately. but is made to appear slowly as if it were being typed. Just like before. Reels content with this technique can maximize the content to get more views. One account that implements this strategy is . As much as possible. choose an Bahrain WhatsApp Number List interesting topic with a headline or sentence that can provide a hook to the audience. A little controversial or clickbait might be okay. for example “Don’t use Adobe Illustrator anymore because there are best alternatives. starting from. Utilize Story Highlights  Next is to use story highlights. Use this feature to further strengthen the credibility of your content niche . For example. your account is an account that discusses productivity tips and tricks. In the story highlight section. you can provide a book review about productivity to increase your credibility.

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