Instagram Strategy Then Now – Instagram marketing is a marketing technique whose main platform is Instagram social media . In it. you can run various types of content marketing such as IG feed content. Reels. Stories. and also live content. Instagram marketing can give you many benefits. Especially in terms of increasing brand awareness among Generation Z or Millennial audiences. This is natural. considering that Instagram users are dominated by the younger generation. although it cannot be denied that Instagram also has an audience base of business people who are no less numerous. Instagram . as one of the most popular social media. often makes various changes. Both related to the algorithms they have and the new features they release.

Instagram Strategies Then vs Now

The first is Caption. In the past. captions were considered by many experts to not have a big influence on the growth and development of content. This is normal considering that in the past Instagram still focused on feed content types. both single posts and multi posts. A long explanation of the content topic has been explained. In the Indonesia WhatsApp Number List design section. So it is natural that in and below. captions are made with short descriptions. But all that has changed since Reels came along. The presence of Reels means business people have many renewable content strategies. One of them is a strategy for using long captions on Reels. You must have seen certain Reels content where the Call to Action is Check Caption or something similar. Only in the caption section. we can see a clearer description of the content.

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Stack Failed Content with Lots of New Content

The third is to pile up content that fails to achieve the predetermined KPIs with lots of new content. This strategy was previously carried out to increase engagement on failed content. Now. adapting to Google’s latest algorithm . a strategy like this will actually subject the account to a negative snowball effect. Where new content will also fail. You can try Belarus WhatsApp Number List another way. namely by providing variations in content. Such as meme content or other entertainment. It could also be that the failed content can only perform after days of uploading. . Post at certain times Next is posting content at certain hours. In the past. we often heard experts talking about the best hours or prime time to post. Usually it is midday. when people are no longer busy at their desks and are eating lunch or . Some also say that prime time is from pm to pm.

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