The household appliances division of the technology giant Philips has decided to hand over its succulent global advertising account to Droga5 London. To whom it has entrusted the ambitious mission of “turning houses into homes.” Philips’ home appliance business . Which was sold in 2021 to global investment firm Hillhouse Investment for around €3 billion. Has entrusted the management of its global creativity account to the London subsidiary of agency Droga5. Which is its once integrated into the Accenture Song group. As the new global advertising agency for Philips Domestic Appliances (which includes the brand’s kitchen appliances, coffee makers, air purifiers, vacuum cleaners and irons), Droga5 will lead the firm’s creative strategies and executions . in more than 100 countries spread throughout the globe.

Philips is expected to see the light

Trix van der Vleuten, brand, creation & planning lead at Philips Appliances. Says that Droga5 impressed the company “with its ‘consumer-centric’ vision  and its industry email list ability to move in step with consumer changes.” « Droga5 will play a leading role in realizing our global purpose of turning houses into homes around the world. “I am convinced that with this new partner we will take a new step in our journey to evolve the global marketing strategies of Philips Domestic Appliances and give a new twist to the way we interact with our customers. Emphasizes van der Vleuten. The appointment of Droga5 London as Philips’ new global advertising agency follows a pitch organized by Flock Associates . Trix van der Vleuten led the agency selection process in the competition.

London's first campaign

Droga5 for Philips Home Appliances is expected to hatch during the second half of 2023. Therefore, home will always be home. But the last two years have SGB Directory reminded us that a good home influences all aspects of our lives. This is why when a brand like Philips Domestic Appliances does an exceptional job helping people in their homes. Therefore, it actually ends up doing so much more. And when you have the opportunity to meet a client who cares both about the work and the people behind it, you know you’re going to get involved in something really very special ,” he adds.

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