The world’s leading publishers adopt Taboola Header Bidding

Taboola (Nasdaq: TBLA), a content recommendation website for the open web that helps people discover things they might like. Today announced the launch of Taboola Header Bidding . A technology that expands the native advertising offer launched in April of this year and that allows advertisers to reach a greater offer of ads through Taboola’s extensive support network. In this way. Those media that use it increase their income from Taboola’s existing display ad inventory . Currently, the world’s leading publishing groups such as McClatchy in the United States or outdoor advertising groups in Germany such as Ströer. As well as other entities in the sector such as leading video advertising platforms such as iMedia, use this solution.

Taboola's unique native advertising demand

At the same time, with Taboola Header Bidding, advertisers can use Taboola’s advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and their own category email list data to reach. Through its large network of media, more than 500 million active users every day in locations of display that comply with the IAB display standard. In this way. Advertisers who work with Taboola achieve more visibility of their campaigns in prominent locations of trusted media. In information sectors such as sports, entertainment. Local information or finance, etc. On the other hand. The media manage to generate greater monetization of their display ad blocks . Additionally, they can leverage from its 15,000 direct advertisers. As well as a wealth of first-party data and AI.

Display ad inventory in auctions

All of this increases the reach of, and as a consequence, also generates a more solid and healthy display market . “Furthermore, it is critical to help SGB Directory drive strong performance for advertisers and businesses around the world. Especially at a time when social relationships and privacy are at stake. Working with some of the world’s leading media, we’ve had incredible feedback. So we can not only provide value by increasing revenue from existing display placements. But also make the display market healthier. We have a unique proposition given our huge first-party data set, our direct advertisers and our AI, and I am very excited to make it available to 9,000 of our media over the next few years,” says Adam Singolda, founder and CEO of Taboola.

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