Example of an Attractive CTA – One of the best ways to attract visitors’ attention is to learn about AIDA. AIDA itself is a type of technique in copywriting. A technique for writing advertising text that can attract the attention of potential customers. AIDA is an acronym for Attention. Interest. Desire. and Action. Now. the final part. namely Action. is an important part that should not be forgotten. especially if the potential customer already has a big desire . They need the right allocation to be able to channel this passion. Also Read Types Of Complete Copywriting Techniques So. as business people we need to help by showing the right path. And that way is by making a Call to Action. Call to action is a part of advertising that functions to encourage potential customers to take the action that the business person wants.

Examples of Interesting CTAs for Instagram Content

Follow Follow the account. to get other interesting content information like this. Follow the account. if you like content like this. Don’t forget to follow . so that cool content like this can continue to appear on your IG home page. Come on. support this account to continue to actively provide cool information. just by liking. commenting and following. Like UK WhatsApp Number List Leave likes. positive comments and shares so that content like this can continue to appear on your IG. Come on. support this account to continue to actively provide cool information. just by liking. commenting and following. Tap times on the screen. let me get excited. Like if you agree with the content above. Like if you relate. Save Content Let’s save this content first before refreshing. Save first. read later.

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Comment Tag of your friends


In the comments so they know what you know. What do you think? Give your opinion in the comments. okay What do you want to give your first comment Give your best opinion regarding this content in the comments column Give your best opinion in the comments column. will give you a prize. Do you agree with the content above? If so. why and if not. why Argentina WhatsApp Number List Tell me about your experience using products in the comments column. please. Which one do you choose. Which team are you on What do you think? Come on. discuss it in the comments column Share “Share this post to the person on your plane sign. Share this post on stories. the most interesting one will get a prize. Repost this post in your stories. let me be more excited to read. Purchase Hurry up and order this product before it runs out.

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