Goals of Social Media Marketing – Social media marketing is one type of marketing channel that is chosen by many business people. This is natural considering that the number of social media users throughout the world continues to increase every year. Let’s just take the example of the most popular social media today. namely Instagram and . A Glance at Instagram vs The innovations carried out by Instagram recently are the best way for them to continue to exist amidst the onslaught of. This innovation has a positive impact on the increasing number of Instagram users. Especially in Indonesia. the number of Instagram users has reached . million people. This figure also makes Indonesia the country with the highest number of Instagram users in the world. Choosing to run Instagram marketing also has great potential to give your business many benefits. Some of these statistical data are; The average Instagram user spends around minutes per day. of Instagram users open the app at least once a day. of Instagram users watch video content in Stories. Users aged and under spend an average of minutes per day. The potential for content marketing to generation Z and millennial audiences is enormous.

How to Determine Social Media Marketing Goals

From here you might be wondering which social media is the best to choose. Whether by running Instagram marketing or Marketing. The answer to this question actually depends on the purpose of the social media marketing being carried out. Depends on the type of audience you want to explore. To help find the right answer. you can read the Australia WhatsApp Number List article link below first; Also Read: Instagram or TikTok. Which is Best for Your Business? After reading the article above. you will definitely agree that there is actually no best social media for marketing in general . There is only social media that suits your business marketing goals. So how do you determine the goals of social media marketing ? So. below. will provide cool tips on how to determine social media marketing goals. The first tip starts from.

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Understand the level of business brand awareness

The first is to first understand the level of business brand awareness . Understanding these levels will make it easier for you to determine certain marketing goals that are realistic to achieve. For example. if you have just opened a business. then Algeria WhatsApp Number List you need more soft selling type content marketing so that your audience can recognize you. A business that has just opened will of course be at the brand unaware level. From here you can find out what realistic goals to achieve. namely trying to include content marketing so that the business moves from the unaware brand level to brand recognition/brand recall. . Review Existing Content Performance Next is to review the performance of existing content. Yes. you could say that this is a content audit. the most important part to see the continuity of initial goals with content performance.

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