From this we can conclude that it is not recommended to create the same email for the entire target audience. Emails with segmented customer lists have higher open rates than mailings to entire databases. Sometimes users just mark emails as spam and this can adversely affect your reputation as a sender with your email service. You can get all sorts of information when dealing with your customer base and learn the behavior of information on the website.

Behavioral factors

Pages visited by the user. Information from the subscription form. information from. History of completed orders. Items added to cart. Divide database your audience into different groups and work on each section individually. You can classify population characteristics according to the following criteria. From the subscription form you can find out the gender. To find out the client’s age and occupation suggest adding a short questionnaire to the welcome letter. , Interest circle. To find out take a fun survey and offer a cool gift or discount for completing it.

Monitor the behavior of visitors on the website


You can attach a link to your preferences page to your emails where prospects can specify their desired email frequency and content. past purchases. Check SGB Directory out a person’s past order history to see if they prefer expensive or affordable items. Then write and send a newsletter which will contain a selection of products in the best price range. Stages in the sales funnel. To set up a new contact please write a welcome letter with general information about the company, products, services and opportunities. For active mailing list subscribers create letters to be sent by a certain date. If the person hasn’t completed their purchase, remind them of their abandoned cart.

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