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Note that a distinction must be made between unique and non-unique findings. A vacancy for one subscriber is considered unique. The total amount of material found is non-unique. So if you have three subscribers one opens the email twice the second doesn’t and the third opens once you will get two unique opens and three non-unique opens. There is an indicator that shows a unique open rate. It is calculated by dividing the number of unique opens by the number of emails received and multiplying by . Unique Opens Emails Sent READ ALSO The Best Ways to Use Email Marketing for Your Business What do you need to do to ensure email marketing is super profitable for your business.

Even if you’re ready to go there it’s not very convenient for you due to the geography

First it needs to be automated. In this article you will learn to read more Why should you track open rates? Here’s his analysis of the reasons for phone number list determining the effectiveness of certain components of a mailing list, let’s say topic send time. Evaluate campaigns for target audiences. Determine the level of engagement. Analysis of open rate parameters is most effective when combined with analysis of other email marketing parameters. You need to know the click-through rate, the number of users who unsubscribe from the mailing list, the number of spam complaints, the number of emails forwarded to others.

Another example after buying a laptop you still get mail with ads for this technology

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These metrics will give you an idea of ​​how your campaign is performing. A low open rate should worry. You because it means. The subject of the letter. Isn’t SGB Directory of interest to your subscribers and you didn’t choose a good time to send it. If you think of a marketing campaign as a funnel, clicking on a link in this funnel will be the last step and the narrowest part. If the person doesn’t open your email they can’t get to the bottom of the funnel. Ways to increase your open rate Increase Email Open Rates Life Tips Segmentation Suppose you receive a newsletter inviting you to an event in your city located far away from you.

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