Get Lots of Views on Instagram Story – Instagram is one of the most popular social media in the world today. The number of users continues to increase every year. This is natural considering that Instagram always provides the latest innovations and does not hesitate to carry out ATM marketing techniques (Observe Imitate Modifications). even though in practice it is closer to Flanking Marketing . Finally. the “victim” of Instagram’s ATM technique is Twitter with its newest innovation from Meta Platforms .Inc called Threads. Yes. as a subsidiary of Meta Platforms .Inc . Instagram is very powerful in the world of social media marketing. This is also proven through various statistical data related to Instagram which has great potential to benefit business people. Some of them are; The average Instagram user spends around minutes per day.

Ways to Get Lots of Views on Instagram Stories

Maximize the Use of Engagement Stickers The first is to maximize the use of engagement stickers. You can use various engagement stickers such as polls. quizzes. emojis. and others. Using stickers like this will encourage the audience to provide feedback. Especially if the story delivery in this feature is really carried out with a thorough plan. . Add a Canada WhatsApp Number List new story before the old story expires The second strategy is to add new stories before the old stories expire. This strategy is used by Lindsay Ashcraft. Content Manager from Later. The idea is to upload a new story right after the old story has been circulating for – hours. This strategy will attract the attention of the audience to continue viewing your story . . Exclusive Content on Story Third is the exclusive content design specifically for Story. Content like this can help stories get more spikes in viewers for the first minutes.

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Take advantage of Instagram’s Close Friend feature

Fourth is to utilize the Close Friend feature. You can use this feature to increase customer loyalty. Customers who are loyal to you will receive quality content that not all followers can see. These loyal customers will feel very flattered and will unconsciously do word of marketing for your business. They will tell their closest friends about any Albania WhatsApp Number List content they see on your Close Friend Instagram story . Out of curiosity. the customer’s closest friends will slowly become your loyal customers. by first becoming followers. buyers. and finally becoming loyal customers. . Be consistent The last thing is to do the four previous methods consistently. The problem is that not all business people have good posting and content creation schedule management. Especially if the businessman doesn’t understand or doesn’t even understand how to create quality and proportional content for Instagram Stories.

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