Second, before you change any category, do this: Search Google Analytics (or if you use another analysis program) for the 15-25 most popular posts of all time (if there are several hundreds of posts, you can increase this number to 50) List the posts in e.g. a which old category it belongs to and what kind of tags/keywords/search words you have attached to the post Think of new categories and keywords for the blog around these posts (first do this in a spreadsheet program or with a pen on paper/notebook) Feel the new categories When you are sure that you have selected the right categories, start updating the posts Depending on the number of posts (I have renewed 100 – 140 posts myself), replace the old categories and tags with new ones.  think ahead calmly about which categories you want to create for your blog.

However the most important thing is to

 Changing categories may cause a momentary drop in Google’s search results, but over time the situation will stabilize. Here are some questions to special data help you define new categories: What are the 15 (-50) most popular blog posts of all time? Which 15 (-50) posts have received the most shares or comments? What are the 3-6 broader topics you write about in your blog? Are there categories in the blog that do not “open” to the reader on the first reading? Blogging is easy but we tend to make it complicated Read more : This is how you turn a random visitor into a committed reader Name the categories correctly Naming categories usually happens on the spur of the moment. When you are renewing your own categories, now if ever you should pay attention to the names of the categories.  immediately understands what it is about and what the category contains. Pets are cute and you should leave it at that. “

Choose the names so that the reader

 Let’s go Birdie ” may sound funny, but everyone understands ” Papakaija’s outdoor activities “. Enhance search engine optimization SGB Directory by choosing a search word or term directly as the category name. A feature that surprisingly many have not yet adopted. Search engine optimization at its best, easiest and most effective. Ensure a consistent writing style. If 3 categories are written in capital letters and 2 in small letters, the final result will not look very professional. Even if you have a hobby blog, a little quality and professionalism never hurt anyone. The most challenging part of category changes is this The most challenging and the biggest danger in category changes is the category address. For example, in WordPress, the category url looks like this: tiiacontainer .  which case all addresses on the old url will not work. On the other hand, Google is less often searched for information using the category address, but overall this can have a negative effect on the search results.

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