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I don’t have a complete answer for how many tags to have. But the same idea applies here as in the categories – a handful is enough. If there are 5 categories, there can be half as many tags. This helps you to structure your blog effectively and the reader to find interesting reading for himself. Tags should be kept short, 1-2 words long. This makes it easier for Google and your readers to understand your content better. For example, if you write about cats, categories and tags can be Cat care (=category) Indoor cat (=tag) Outdoor cat cat in care cat litter  Cat activation toys outdoor recreation predation Cat cleanliness fur washing hairballs in the stomach washing the sandbox diseases first aid prolonged illness The same tag can be used in several categories.

Cat food wet food dry food water milk

 My current theme is related to the fact that by using keywords, “You may also like” suggestions will automatically appear at the end of the post. Different themes and different plugins can therefore have other uses for keywords. Search word, term and phrase latest database Keywords are the term used in search engine optimization. In some WordPress plugins, search terms have been replaced by keywords, which brings its own little challenge to their correct use. A keyword is a single word that you want to use to optimize your blog or post for search engines. For example, ” fitness ” is such a word. However, standing out is really challenging because fitness is a commonly used word. Then it may be more reasonable to use a term such as bikini fitness .  better, but the competition is still fierce. The third option is to use a search phrase, which makes it easier to stand out.

This limits the search and differentiation

For example, ” How to start bikini fitness ” or ” How to start bikini fitness “. Think carefully about which keyword, term or phrase you want to use in one post. This is because you cannot use the same thing again in another post of your own blog. (Google doesn’t like this…) Instead, you should think about search terms strategically so that one post gets the most important search term, and then other posts in the same category get a similar style search term, and with which you direct traffic to the post containing the most important search term. Read more : 9 things that indirectly affect your blog’s search engine visibility If you find that your blog is full of categories… First of all, think about SGB Directory your readers best. Remember that the goal of the categories is to structure your blog in such a way that the content of your blog is easy to grasp at once.

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