Instagram Content Topics – Instagram is one of the most popular social media applications in the world. Based on the Digital Global Overview Report as of January. The number of active Instagram users has reached billion. This figure is equivalent to . Of the world’s population. Slightly different from the data above. We Are Social says that Instagram is in fourth place with. The number of active users reaching billion. Only behind WhatsApp. YouTube and the social media king Facebook . Obtained from the same data source. Instagram even managed to surpass TikTok , which is in fifth place with the number of active users only reaching . billion.

Most Popular Instagram Content Topics

Derived from Pinterest predictions, there is a content topic about Parenting. Parenting itself is a science to be a good parent and ultimately become a harmonious family. Content topics like this are trending everywhere, especially now that many of the millennial generation and Gen-Z are becoming parents. As we know, these two generations are UK Phone Number List generations that are aware of the development of modern science and technology. It is not surprising that these people want to be free from the shackles of various traditional sciences that are less relevant when applied today. This includes the knowledge of being able to care for children (parenting). The types of content that can be developed from this topic include How to Parent Children Patiently, Funny Content on Father and Child Bonding Activities, and so on.

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Slow Living Content Topics

Still coming from Pinterest predictions, the Instagram content topic that is predicted to boom in is slow living content. In other words, content that teaches us to be able to enjoy life in a relaxed manner and without significant pressure. Content like Brazil Phone Number List this is clearly very relevant to the lives of Gen Z who are considered vulnerable to mental health issues. Not to mention the fact that as of July , Instagram had a percentage of Gen Z users of %. The types of content that can be developed from this topic include holiday content, aesthetic video content, quote content accompanied by natural background videos and so on.

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