Forbidden Things on Instagram Instagram marketing is a marketing technique that is widely used by business people. This is natural considering that Instagram has a lot of statistical data that can be profitable. In the process, business people are required to understand 4 important parts. The important parts are; Interesting research and content planning process. Daily it reaches million users. Instagram images have a high percentage of audience engagement categories. The average time spent by Instagram users is minutes per day. Instagram is the second most downloaded social media application in the world.

Forbidden Things in Instagram Marketing

Just post content! The first is the origin of the content posting. The original strategy for posting content emerged because of the assumption that every day you have to post at least piece of content. The team will focus more on Mexico Phone Number List producing as much content as possible rather than thinking about the quality. The design is also not monotonous and can even change according to the interactions provided by visitors. Indonesia ranks fourth as the country with the largest number of Instagram users in the world.

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Not Maximizing Instagram’s Latest Features

The next forbidden thing in Instagram marketing is not maximizing Instagram’s newest features. Why should you maximize Instagram’s newest features ? Instagram is the most popular social media in the world, and the average user is years old Latvia Phone Number List and under. Also Read: List of Instagram’s Latest Features and How to Optimize Them As we know, the millennial generation or Gen Z is a generation that is sensitive to the latest trends, even closer to FOMO. They will ” respect” or like it more if there are brands that raise contemporary topics in their content, including using the latest features from Instagram.

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