How to Increase IG Followers – Instagram is one of the most popular social media in the world. The number of Instagram users continues to increase every year. This is natural considering that Instagram . through its new CEO. Adam  has innovated many of the latest features. The presence of. Threads is clear proof that the innovation carried out by Instagram never stops. Indonesia itself is listed as the fourth largest country in the world with the highest number of Instagram users reaching . million people. The facts and statistical data above are a strong basis for why many business people use Instagram as their marketing medium. Yes. Instagram marketing is one of the favorites for business people to introduce their brand to their audience.

Ways to Increase IG Followers

Complete your Instagram Profile! The first is to complete your Instagram profile first. Use a username that truly describes your business. Fill in all the existing columns. make sure you don’t miss the link column and fill it with a different website Saudi Arabia Phone Number List link or social media link . Remember that now Instagram allows its users to link more than link. . Follow Instagram accounts that have a niche that is relevant to your account. The next step is to follow Instagram accounts that have a relevant niche to your account. Most novice business people probably use a slightly different method. where they carry out the Follow for Follow strategy on random accounts. It doesn’t matter whether the account has the same niche or not.

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Plan Initial Content. Take Advantage of the Pin Feature

The next step is to create a design for the initial pieces of content. Remember. Instagram is a social media in the form of a feed. which can be filled with rows of posts. So. these posts will become an important part for you to get a good first Lebanon Phone Number List impression from your audience. Try to plan these initial pieces of content. related to introducing your business. who you are. and what you can do for your audience. There is a new pin post feature. you can use it to pin these posts so they always appear at the top. Post Content! Next is posting content. After the initial posts have been designed and posted.

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