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Who wrote the book “Al Jabr W’Al-Muqabala” (Rules of Restoration and Reduction), published in 825 AD. This technological progress cannot be separated from . The development of various scientific disciplines in the past which became the basis for future technological developments. One of the scientists who has an important role in technological development, especially in the computer field, is Al Khawarizmi. Muhammad ibn Musa Al Khawarizmi is known as the mathematician who discovered Algebra and is also the father of algorithms. For some people who work as programmers or developers, of course you often use this algorithm.

When developing programs

So who is Al Khawarizmi? Come on, let’s get to know more about the father of algorithms and the inventor of algebra. Al Khawarizmi Al Khawarizmi on a Soviet Union Postage Stamp Al-Khwarizmi has the full name Muhammad ibn Musa Al Khwarizmi , while in western countries Al Khawarizmi is known as Al Goritmi, Al Gorismi, Al Cowarizmi, and other spellings. Al Khawarizmi was born whatsapp database around 780 AD in Khawarizm, now his birthplace is known as the city of Khiva in Uzbekistan. His family was of Persian descent who had settled in Khwarizm, but from several historical records it is known that as a child he moved with his family to the southern city of Baghdad, so this is where he pursued his career as a mathematician.

He is thought to have lived during

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The time of the Abbasid caliphs Al-Ma’mun, Al-Mu’tashim . And Al-Watsiq which is known as the golden age of knowledge in the Arab . Region thanks to the translation of books and knowledge into the Arabic language. At that time there was Bait Al-Hikmah which became the center of research, translation of books into Arabic, and also the SGB Directory publication of knowledge carried out by Muslim scholars including Al Khawarizmi. Al Khawarizmi joined other scholars at Bait Al-Hikmah when he was 20 years old. During his life he worked at the Honorary School founded by Caliph Al-Ma’mun. It was there that he wrote many ideas and published.

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