He admitted that he had never

Class ALE Geek Battle One example of the beautiful appearance of Gerwin’s application “At first it wasn’t PD. Then I dared myself to do this Challenge. My motivation is to produce innovation” (Gerwin) Gerwin is a very diligent He admitted that he had never learner at Dicoding Academy. Among the android, web and cloud learning streams he graduated, he focused on the web . In his spare time he learns UI/UX design to upgrade his skills. When I first started taking part in ALE Geek Battle, I wanted to dare to try. taken part in this Dicoding Challenge before. Apart from that, he purely wants to create innovation. Then he thought why not just try and produce the best innovation he could.

But he pushed aside these feelings

This student majoring in informatics at Brawijaya University also did not expect that his work would come out as champion. At first he felt like he wasn’t PD, aka inferior and was “afraid of being insulted” by other people. and was determined to just start first. And no mistake! “Winning the ALE Geek Battle was ws number list certainly a turning point for me. I became PD. Also increasingly dreaming of professions such as software developer or UI/UX designer. Hopefully it will help my career later. I want to help my parents and have a better life and future.” Congratulations to the three winners. Hopefully their respective portfolios after this victory will increase rapidly. And his work can realize the hope of a better future career. See you at the next Alcatel Lucent Enterprise/ ALE Geek Battle.

We are waiting for your best work

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If you want to try other competitions, aka Dicoding Challenges, please check this page . Prizes of thousands of Dicoding Points that can be exchanged for various attractive rewards are waiting for you! 3 Best Winners of Alcatel Lucent Enterprise/ ALE Geek Battle 2020-end Check out the official announcement of the winners SGB Directory along with the list of finalists in this article: Congratulations to the Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise (ALE) Geek Battle WinnersCurrently, the development of computer technology is like the flow of water in a river that continues to flow without stopping. You probably already noticed that, right? Every time new technologies continue to emerge that are increasingly advanced and sophisticated, of course.

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