What to do after posting content – Content marketing is one of the main lives of business movements in the digital era. This content marketing can provide many benefits for business people. especially in terms of increasing brand awareness and making it easier for customers to go through the existing sales funnel . Prospective customers will easily start their journey map in understanding your brand ( Customer Journey ) starting from Cold. Warm. to Hot which is closely related to the Consideration and Decision processes. There are many ways you can implement this strategy. Because the definition is broad. we can apply it to various platforms such as social media Instagram or TikTok. Remember that Content Marketing consists of main pillars. namely the process of creating quality content and proper distribution. So. for this distribution process you can use social media. Moreover. social media allows business people to run more interactive and entertaining brand campaigns. This is also supported by the fact that social media users throughout the world continue to increase every year.

What to Do After Posting Content

The lack of interaction provided makes potential customers less interested. If you use the angler’s analogy. maybe some fish will come. but it will take a long time. A skilled angler will of course use various methods to get the fish to come to him. Such as using popping techniques. jigging. casting. trolling. surf casting and others. So. from Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List here we understand that business people also have to be attractive like anglers. Throwing bait (content) at the audience will not be enough to attract attention. So what is required so that the audience can take the bait? The following are things to do after posting content. starting from; . Take advantage of old content stock The first thing you should do is take advantage of old stock content. It is true that audiences like news or content that is current/latest. But we can’t always consistently get new ideas for new content. A break or brainstorming is needed for new ideas to emerge again. During this process. you can use old stock content to provide additions or updates and post it again like new content.

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Respond to every interaction made with your content

The second is to respond to every interaction made on your content. This response is very simple. for example replying to existing comments. resharing posts in stories and giving a little Call to Action. etc. If the content doesn’t have enough interaction. then you can run other content strategies such as giveaways or prize competitions. . Conduct Content Australia WhatsApp Number List Analysis The last thing is to do content analysis. Most business people only measure the level of success of their content only from visible metrics. For example. the number of likes. comments and shares. However. there are other metrics for content success that are important to consider. Such as number of views. reach. maximum content time. and so on. Also Read: How to Do Content Analysis Here is a complete explanation of things to do after posting content. If you are looking for interactive social media admin services that can increase account engagement . just contact Creativism.

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