Difference between Static and Dynamic Websites – Having a website in today’s digital marketing era feels mandatory for business people. Having a website will give business people many benefits. of them are; . Increase Credibility Yes. having a website can add credibility to your business in the eyes of potential customers. This is closely related to the trust that your business wants to build. Based on experience with its business clients. Differences between  Many of them admit that many potential customers are turned away because they don’t have a website. Also Read: What are the Indicators of Consumer Business Confidence? You can reduce this by having your own business website . What’s more. if the business website is designed with a wow appearance and is also pleasing to look at.

Help save promotional costs

Yes. a website will help you save business promotion costs. especially those related to conventional methods. For example. designing brochures. pamphlets. banners. using roadside advertisements and so on. Websites can accommodate all types of existing information. and will even be much more interactive than conventional methods. Please note Taiwan WhatsApp Number List that interactive marketing methods are methods that are currently a business trend everywhere. Reading the great benefits of websites above. you are definitely salivating to immediately have your own business website . However. before you decide to have your own business website . it’s a good idea for you to learn about what a static and dynamic website is.

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Difference between Static and Dynamic Websites

To make it easier to differentiate between these two types of websites . we will use indicators. The indicators are; . Use of Databases On static websites. database usage is not too large. Databases on this type of website are usually used only to store data. It will only be updated when it is really necessary. for example if there is an additional new Austria WhatsApp Number List page on the website. Meanwhile. on dynamic websites . the use of databases is very crucial. Without good database maintenance. dynamic website performance can be seriously disrupted. . Content Differences The next indicator is content. Static websites usually have content that is just like that. and is rarely updated . Generally used only to display major company activities. Meanwhile. the content on dynamic websites is much more interesting. up to date or changes all the time.

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