The crisis of the “One Love” rainbow bracelets at the World Cup in Qatar has grabbed countless headlines in recent days (even overshadowing the sporting results on the field of play). The eight teams that were going to wear these bracelets in protest of the violation of freedoms and human rights in the host country of the World Soccer Championship announced on Monday that they would finally give up wearing them. They did so motivated by threats from FIFA. 

FIFA's threats have logically shocked many football fans

Sponsors as well . From German lands , where the team led by Manuel Neuer will debut today in the World Cup. Comes precisely a campaign top industry data that is directly linked to the controversy that still hovers around the rainbow bracelets. The creative consulting firm Deloitte Digital and the entertainment platform Twitterperlen have joined forces in a campaign focused on social networks that dyes (virtually of course) the hair of the players of the German soccer team in the colors of the rainbow. Burger King – David.

Celebrated the Success 

Activision – who has won the silver medal on our list. Therefore, has cemented his  “Invaluable Food” campaign for Madrid Fusión. «Invaluable Food» – Madrid Fusión – Leo Burnett If you do not see the embedded video correctly, click here LOLA SGB Directory MullenLowe has. The other hand,Excluded from the list of the 20 most awarded agencies in 2021 this year are the agencies FCB&FiRe, CHINA, dentsu X, N Team Comunicación. Havas and Havas Media. David Madrid , the first agency on the list. Owes such an excellent position in the ranking to campaigns for Burger King such as “Even more confusing times” and “Meat?” and the piece “Scratchboards” for Activision. «Even more confusing times.

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