Target Market Target Audience – When running a digital business, it is natural that we will encounter many new terms in it. Some of them are often heard in our ears but their definitions are still ambiguous. In fact, term and other terms are often confused. There’s no need to be embarrassed to admit it, because this is part of a long learning process. Well, among the many digital business terms that are often confused are target market and target audience. Some or even many business people still think that these two terms are the same, i.e. there is no difference. However, in fact this is not the case. So, below is a detailed explanation of the differences between these two terms. Please read this article carefully!

What is a Target Market?

We start from the target market. Obtained from Indeed , the target market is the entire group that business people hope will be able to buy or use their services. This target market usually consists of a group of people with the same characteristics. Whether it’s living in the same area, having the same favorite product preferences, the type Hong Kong Phone Number Lista of service you like and so on.Then what about the target audience? Almost similar to a target market, only the target audience is more specific and not general like a target market. The target audience is a narrower group than your expected target market. Obtained from Social Pilot , the target audience is those who you most hope to buy the product or service offered.

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Product Purchase Prospects

Second is the prospect of purchasing the product. As previously mentioned, purchases of products or services from the target audience are higher. This is normal because they have a close relationship with the product or service. The size of the target audience indicates that the business can run well. Meanwhile, the target market is a group Vietnam Phone Number List that is not guaranteed to buy products from the company. Yes, they don’t have a close relationship with the product or service. To make it easier to understand the difference between these two terms, look carefully at the example below; Suppose you are a businessman buying and selling children’s toys. Of course your target market is children. But the toys you’re selling aren’t ones that fit the average kid’s pocket money.

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