We have more and more clients, we are expanding the scope of existing cooperation. This means that we are regularly looking for new people to join the Promo Traffic crew. What does working with us look like, what can you expect, how will we help you develop? In today’s article, we answer these questions! In this article you will learn: Why Promo Traffic is a good place for a career in digital? How is the salary issue?  Promo Traffic – who are we? We are a Krakow-based digital agency specializing in e-commerce. We have been operating on the market for nine years.

It was a time for us not only to gain experience

In the digital industry, but also to evolve as an employer. During this time, we have developed in various fields, including developing processes that help us maintain and raise standards – such as periodic evaluation, clear development path, job levels, salary ranges, regulations, benefit strategy We grow at least 30% year on year in key metrics such as database revenue, employment, average annual customer growth. We are ambitious, and thanks to professionalization in many areas and good processes, the employee has a chance for non-standard, rapid development in the industry. Both when it comes to the possibility of acquiring new competences and promotions.

Why Promo Traffic is a good place for a career


In digital? At the moment, we employ over seventy people – and in December 2020 our team consisted of 53 employees! Such a pace requires process efficiency, especially in the era of hybrid work. Onboarding, employee support program, implementation, mentoring, access to know-how are all there to help. In the last year, 95% of people SGB Directory admitted for a probationary period decided to stay with us for longer . We can also boast of a steady increase in the average duration of employment : in 2020, team members stayed with us on average 24 months and we expect that in 2021 this period will be even longer! We believe that these statistics well illustrate that it is worth working with us.