The German market is full of local suppliers offering high-quality goods at an affordable price. However, taking into account the number of inhabitants (Germany is the largest country in the European Union in terms of population), there are tens of millions of consumers interested in shopping abroad. (Source: Market Finder.) In addition, the number of e-consumers in Germany began to grow dynamically due to the coronavirus pandemic. According to the report “E-commerce in Europe” – 29% of respondents declared that they started buying online more often. The average value of orders made in Germany reaches as much as 947 euros per year.

Source Entering the German e-commerce market

The German market is a relatively frequent direction of expansion for Polish retailers. This is facilitated, among others, by the fact that Germany is our neighbor, which facilitates transport, the relatively high popularity of German as a foreign language phone number list chosen by Poles and the number of consumers and the wealth of their wallets (GDP per capita is USD 45,109. In Poland – only 16,945) . thus an attractive sales market, however, when deciding to expand, one must also take into account its specificity. Many elements specific to the German market can be a blocking factor … or an opportunity to be exploited.

This includes High competition  for this reason

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Entering the German e- commerce market should be preceded by a meticulous strategy and preparation for appropriate promotional activities . so consider offering your products on this platform) • Passion for returns – German consumers often order online to view the product and decide whether it will be sent back • Expectation of high quality , and SGB Directory at the same time – despite high incomes – relatively affordable prices . Banner with contact At Promo Traffic, we conduct marketing activities – primarily PPC and SEO – for foreign markets, including German. If you are preparing to expand, we will be happy to help you! Our motto – Grow WithUs – has three meanings. It concerns both the clients we help in their development, as well as Promo Traffic itself and our employees.