Benefits of Google Analytics for Websites – When implementing a digital marketing strategy in the form of SEO, it is natural that we will find many tools that can help. Even the most popular search engine in the world and the main platform for practical SEO knowledge, Google, has helped us by providing many powerful tools . One of the many powerful tools is Google Analytics. Yes, for those of you who use a business website as the main platform for brand information , you are definitely familiar with this tool . This is a tool that can help business people in the decision-making process to become more mature. Also Read: Free SEO Tools for Beginners So, what is Google Analytics ? Why is this tool so useful for business people in a more mature decision-making process? MinTiv will discuss it in full in this article, so read it carefully!

What is Google Analytics?

As MinTiv said at the beginning of the article, Google Analytics is one of the tools provided by Google to make it easier for us to carry out SEO. More precisely, this tool is designed so that users can more easily monitor the performance of their business website . We can access this service from Google for free. In Google Analytics, you can get various Canada Phone Number List data related to website performance in many forms of data metrics. Even the function of Google Analytics or what is usually abbreviated as GA, can also be relied on for the account development process in social media marketing strategies .Talking about the benefits of Google Analytics, we will definitely find many explanations. There could even be millions of benefits. However, in this article, MinTiv will only discuss of them. The benefits of Google Analytics start from.

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Help with the Content Analysis Process

Google Analytics will really help us in the content analysis process. This is normal, considering that Google Analytics allows you to view various metric data related to content performance. Examples include bounce rate, dwell time, page views, etc. Bounce rate is the percentage of website visitors who come and then immediately return to Belgium Phone Number List the SERPs . The higher the bounce rate percentage you get, the worse the impact on your website as a whole. Dwell time is the opposite of bounce rate. Dwell time is the amount of time a visitor spends before switching to another website page or SERPs. The higher the score obtained, the better the impact on the website. Lastly, page views. This is a metric used to count the number of website visitors on a particular page. These three types of metrics really help you in the content analysis process. Needs to be repaired or improved in quality.

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