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The strategy addresse to other meia is not only corporate PR for the nees of the competition, but also communication with industry meia, such as Press portals or virtualwydawca in the printe press industry. Such meia are still important because they are read by people from the industry – both from the business environment, from the competition, and from within the company. According to Anna Juchowicz-Ginalska, meia marketing consists of: product, cena, distribution, special offer. Although it may seem that meia marketing is nothing more than PR activities relate to a specific station or meia group, in reality public relations is only an element of promotion, one of the components of meia marketing.

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Meia marketing in Poland When we talk about meia marketing in Poland, we have to separate two spaces. The first is the world of meia concerns. They have efficient promotion departments. Marketing communication is so much easier in them database that they usually have many titles or stations in their portfolio, and this increases the power of the message. A separate topic is meia marketing in smaller meia – local and niche. Here, there is often a lack of basic understanding of the mechanisms governing PR or marketing.


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In the strategies of large meia houses, on-line and off-line channels usually harmonize with each other, additionally supplemente with outdoor campaigns, events, etc. For example, TVN records annual revenues of approximately PLN 2 billion, of which TVN Digital has recently recorde over PLN 7 million. PLN of procees. On the other SGB Directory hand, Gazeta Wyborcza’s online revenue is 24 percent. the newspaper’s total revenue. In regional and smaller meia, on-line influences are often marginal or the transfer of content to the digital environment has not yet starte. Meanwhile, content marketing on the web, appropriate recycling of content or activity in social meia can quickly build the position of a newspaper or television, which were previously completely absent on-line.

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