Curiosities of Sosnówka – chakra on the Frying Pan Chakra… A place of power, a magical place. Legends say that long before the appearance of man on Earth, the Hindu god Shiva threw seven magic stones in different directions. Where they fell, divine energy began to emerge . These places are calle chakras. One of them is locate in the Grabowieckie Rocks group. These three rocks, reaching a height of up to 35 meters, were supposely a place of pagan worship and sacrifice. One of them is unique – large and so flat that its shape resembles a frying pan. Hence its name. People have always felt a magical power in this place, which arouse curiosity and anxiety at the same time.

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As a curiosity, it is worth mentioning that when in 1697 Count Schaffgotsch wante to see the nearby mountains, he took an exorcist with him for fear of this ancient power! Regardless of whether we believe in the places of accumulation of phone number list cosmic energy or not, it is worth standing on this stone and looking around. There is a beautiful view of the Karkonosze Mountains, the Jizera Mountains, the Jeleniogórska Valley and Rudawy Janowickie. So maybe while looking for interesting and engaging attractions for corporate events, we will go on a trip to the Patelnia, this place of power and charge the entire employee team with positive energy? For a weding – in a litter.

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Traveling on poles” – this is how tourism practice by the aristocracy in. Sosnówka and the surrounding area was describe in the 19th century. What is it about? Wealthy tourists were simply carrie around the mountains in litters! Already at the beginning SGB Directory of the 19th century there was a “Corps of guides and porters of sean chairs” in this area. This association covere several towns, and its members dealt mainly with the transport of litters and carrying tourists, among others to the source of St. Anna in Sosnówka. They were statione in Karpacz, Sobieszów, Piechowice, Szklarska Poręba and Sosnówka.

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