Some people don’t have time to maintain or improve the blog.


Because often when we have spent time writing blog content, it is difficult to have the opportunity to do other things on the blog other than that.

(Yes, writing a very time-consuming process)

But that doesn’t mean we should continue to ignore blogging.

If we break our tasks down into small parts, we’ll be surprised at what we can accomplish.

In this article I will show you 9 blog improvements that can be done in two minutes

– which can help you take your blog to the next level.


Come on..

1. Change To A More Interesting Title
Even if you’re great at crafting attention-grabbing Whatsapp Mobile Number List headlines today, chances are there are still some old articles gathering dust in your archives.

.. where it probably needs a better title.

Most readers judge writing by the title.

A few small changes such as adding adjectives, numbers, or even changing the title to make the benefits of the article more apparent, can provide a huge increase in traffic.

Here are some examples:

Old Title: Saving Effectively

New Title: 6 Smart Steps to Save Easily & Effectively

Which article do you think will get more attention Definitely not the second one

Whatsapp Mobile Number List

But these two articles have the same content. Only the SGB Ddirectory title has a different impact.

Refer to this guide for building interesting article titles: 11 Formulas for Writing Interesting Blog Article Titles

2. Create Links to Other Articles
One of the best ways to reduce bounce rates is to give readers plenty of opportunities to check out other relevant content.

You may have useful articles in your archive that people don’t know about.

Take two minutes to find the right place to link them from an existing article.

You can also link to new articles from your old articles.

Maybe we’ve written in depth on a topic (for example fishing), so we should show readers the best related articles we have.

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