Therefore, To increase your Shopee sales, not only do you need to drive people to your online store, but you also need to convert your visitors into sales conversions. Shopee provides an in-app feature that allows sellers to create figures that reflect their revenue.

One of the keys to increasing your Shopee sales is to become more visible to potential buyers. The Shopee My Campaigns feature allows you to paste certain products into the parts of the website that are most visited by shoppers.

My Campaigns is Shopee’s way of helping sellers get the most out of the Shopee platform. As we can see, Shoppe allows shoppers to join campaigns for free.

It is important to note that product nominations must be based on these criteria:

Product descriptions and images must be decent and accurate

Therefore, The seller must have the whatsapp mobile number list willingness to provide a 10%-20% discount if the seller is approved
Attractive price
If you do not meet the criteria above, your application to join the campaign may be rejected.

How to Join the Campaign

Therefore, Campaigns will appear in the Upcoming section when Shopee adds new events for sellers to join. Note that product nominations are not a guarantee that Shopee will select your products for the campaign.

Advantages That Sellers Will Enjoy If They Are Selected For The Campaign

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  • Exposure on desktop and in-app campaign banners
  • Products will be featured in email blast marketing as well as push notifications
  • Increase store awareness through increased click-through rates

Therefore, Use the Top Picks Feature Shopee designed Top Picks From Shop to increase cross-selling. With this feature, sellers can add four to eight products in a collection that can be displayed SGB Directory on a person’s product page. This encourages shoppers to add more of your products to their cart and thereby increase overall Shopee sales.

You can create a maximum of 10 collections. Only one collection can be displayed on your product page at any given time.

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